How do you define rich?
We define it as having the means and time to pursue what matters most to you. Be that refilling your nest, exploring new ideas, protecting your family's future or doing good in the world. Our goal is simple. To turn capital into confidence, and short-term volatility into long-term opportunity.
Stewards of rich™

The Client Experience

We started this company to serve people who have worked hard to earn their money, and who deserve to have that money work harder for them. Our clients always come first, and not just because it’s our legal and fiduciary responsibility, but because it’s our company’s sole purpose.

The Two Point Difference

It starts with our proprietary investment approach based on the synergy created when value and quality are applied to investing. The experience and expertise of our people are at the core of a client-centric approach. Our performance speaks for itself. And, our values are written to embody a spirit of generosity and giving.

Money’s the least of it

Yes, money is indeed a measure of a richer world. But cultivating a life of meaning and joy matters, too.

Investor Intel & Insights

Although we pride ourselves in doing much of the hard work required in investing, we feel informed clients are typically more confident and successful investors. We are always open and available to share our own financial knowledge with everyone who wants to make wise decisions about his or her money

Understanding where we are, and where we may be going.

This year has brought significant change — with prices and interest rates climbing dramatically and the economic outlook darkening. But should you panic about your investments? No. Not if you have a plan in place to help you achieve your goals and a capable investing team with a disciplined approach to taking advantage of the long-term opportunities that can appear in times of uncertainty.

Two Point Plus Feature Blog Post

What does it mean to live rich?

We’ve said it before: Life is a tapestry of people, possessions, experiences and so much more. How we weave these threads together is unique to each of us. But it influences, dare we say, determines how rich our lives are. By providing our clients with time and peace of mind, we free them to explore more of their passions.

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