Individual investors

We place enormous value on our relationships with our clients. Our mission is to help you sleep well at night, knowing that you have the best possible management of your portfolio. But we recognize that the Two Point Approach is not for everyone, so we’ve created this overview so you can make a preliminary decision about “fit.”

“You can’t outperform the market by doing what everyone else does.”
Jack McGowan

The benefits

Individualized money management with Two Point Capital brings many advantages for individual investors:

  • You choose a specific investment strategy.
  • You get to know your portfolio manager.
  • You have confidence that your funds are being managed as promised.
  • Because compensation is fee-based, you’re assured that investments are chosen solely for their merit, not because of hidden commissions or other biases. Our only loyalty is to you and the growth of your money.
  • Management fees are straightforward and simple: 1% of your first million under-investment, less than that for additional funds.

The considerations

Working with Two Point Capital Management® is not for everyone. We execute our approach aggressively, with a focus on continuously improving the mix of stocks in your portfolio. This can make for significant swings and rapid changes in your holdings. Read more about our approach and our investment strategies.

The checklist

Individual investors who will benefit most from a relationship with us are those who:

  • Prefer to delegate responsibility of managing all or a portion of their investments to a portfolio manager rather than handle it themselves
  • Are confident about their ability to choose a portfolio manager, based on trust in the investment approach, for a long-term relationship
  • Have a significant desire to see their funds grow

Long-term relationships with Two Point Capital generally begin at $1 million or more in investable funds.

We will complete a detailed assessment of your investment objectives, financial circumstances and risk tolerance. Together we can determine if the Two Point Approach is right for you.

Learn more about the options for investing and money management in our Informed Investor Guide.

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