What does it mean to live rich?

We’ve said it before: Life is a tapestry of people, possessions, experiences and so much more. How we weave these threads together is unique to each of us. But it influences, dare we say, determines how rich our lives are. By providing our clients with time and peace of mind, we free them to explore more of their passions.

So how does one go about weaving a tapestry that brings joy and fulfillment to ourselves and others?

Of course, that answer will be different depending on who you are, what you value, and where you are in your life. But for most, living rich is rooted in the strength of their relationships — be they with family, friends, community, art or nature — and how deeply they entwine with each other.

There’s a Greek word we feel comes closest to what we mean by living rich. That word is eudaimonia, and it’s associated with well-being and human flourishing. We have heart for it because it transcends the here and now of mere happiness to guide lives filled with good intention, meaning and joy.

There are numerous ways that we take time to cultivate richness in our own lives. While no choice is better than another, these simple steps can bring a wealth all their own:

Giving: It’s remarkable how helping another can improve one’s own sense of well-being. Whether it’s time, money, talent or wisdom. It’s also well documented that those who give often experience as much joy as those who get.

Seeking balance: The last three years have underscored the importance of this. As the world grows more chaotic with each day, we’re continually reminded of the importance of making time for ourselves and the people we care about. For some of us, that means turning off our screens to be more fully present. For others, it means taking to the yoga mat or making a concerted effort to do less, slow down, and breathe more deeply.

Getting lost: What one gains from hiking a wooded trail, reading a good book, painting a sunset, spotting a Cackling Goose, baking a sourdough baguette, or napping in a hammock is immeasurable when it comes to restoring the soul.

Following your passion: Whether you’re a movie maven, theater buff, avid sports fan, or fearless DIYer, if you can devote a few hours a week to something that inspires you, you’ll likely inspire those around you, too.

However you define living rich, know that we are here to help protect it from the forces that can work against it (like worry, uncertainty, and lack of resources) by investing in companies that are creating new and better for the long term. And constantly fine-tuning and calibrating our investments to stay aligned with your personal visions and goals.

It’s how we turn capital into confidence, and short-term volatility into long-term opportunity. Freeing you to pursue what rich is to you.

If you have any questions or simply want to share the name of the last book you read or bottle of wine you enjoyed, please reach out to us. We welcome the opportunity to continue the conversation.

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