Discover a Richer World

Managing the fruits of your life’s work is an important task and requires thought and care before entrusting the work to someone else. But more important is living your life and seeking the things that bring you joy. That’s why our goal is to earn your confidence by providing the best possible management of your investments. 

So, while we hope to enable you to discover your richer world, we also strive to do our part in creating a richer world. Whether it’s providing inspiration, promoting the arts or embracing our values of generosity and giving, we continue to walk our talk.

Community Engagement

High Hopes for Hope Hall School

Two Point was the title sponsor of the High Hopes Golf Tournament which netted over $52,000 this summer, even with the challenges of operating the event during the Covid-19 pandemic. Hope Hall is a not-for-profit school designed for students with special learning needs who consistently experience frustration in the traditional classroom setting. For more information about the Hope Hall School visit

Small but Mighty: the Matchstick Prize

Even as we celebrate professional standards discipline in our own practice, and within the human services sector, we recognize the crucial importance of discovering and nurturing the cutting-edge innovation that drives the next generation of solutions.

That’s why we are pleased to again be a sponsor of Causewave’s Matchstick Prize, which recognizes the Small but Mighty agencies helping our neighbors to live a richer life.

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